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Cross Cultural Studies essays

Cross Cultural Studies essays Question: What is the value of making cross-cultural comparisons? (Miller, Pg#11: 1999) Cultural anthropology encompasses all aspects of human beliefs, behaviors and ideas. What would the world be like without any knowledge of other cultures? Anthropologists study different cultures to be more understanding and accepting, more appreciative and to enrich our own culture. What is the "real" problem with the Ku Klux Klan? Perhaps, if they took the time to understand the African-American and Jewish cultures, for example, they would be more accepting of the diversity. Hundreds of years of cultural imperialism has evolved into a legion of hate. Emic studies put the researcher in the middle of the culture, free to interact and discover a new life style. After a few months or even a year in a "different" culture, one has a better understanding of the lifestyle, and understanding leads to acceptance. Once people, especially powerful political leaders, learn cultural relativism war will be a practice of the past and only discussed in history classes. Another reason for cross-cultural comparison is to make us more appreciative of our own culture and environment. For example, members of the Peace Corp volunteer months to years of their lives to live and help in third world countries. They may not be there with the purpose of studying culture, however, living among the people and having to adapt to their way of life gives them a first-hand experience of a third world life. Seeing the way life is without any luxuries make us realize how convenient our lives are. Plentiful amounts of food, clean water, stable shelter and adequate clothing are just a few of the many luxuries that our culture sees as essentials. Many volunteers return from the Peace Corp and adopt a new way of life; much less "extravagant" than the one they led before. Finally, we study other cultures to enrich our own. Where would "Canadian culture" be ...

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Evaluate the current TM strategy at your workplace Essay

Evaluate the current TM strategy at your workplace - Essay Example In order to get the best yield from the workforce, it is important for an organization to have a clear talent management strategy. However, a significant number of companies do not have any strategy in talent management. However, most of them are in one way or another involved in the activities of talent management but under different titles like talent retention. One of the main distinguishing characteristic of the talent management is its continuity. While the transactional human resource activities are administrative overhead, talent management is a continuous process that delivers the optimal workforce for an organization. In other words, talent management ensures that employees’ productivity is maintained to the maximum levels (Taleo Research 2011). In this process, the human resource becomes the strategic facilitating factors which enable managers as well as the employees in their efforts in creating business value. In many organizations, several methods have been applied to improve employee’s performance. However, most of them have made no attempt to have a talent management strategy. This discussion evaluates the talent management at Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) which is located in Saudi Arabia. The company has been ranked as one of the most reliably profitable public companies in the Middle East. SABIC has forty five production sites across the world. The company employs more than 31, 000 people world wide. Such number of human resources could be of great importance to an organization if their talent is effectively managed. The company has applied various measures in an attempt to manage its employees’ talents. The company also has good investor relations, a factor which has contributed to its financial stability. It has severally been ranked as one of the five best petrochemicals in the world. The success of the company has been triggered by three

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1.What role did the industrial revolution play in reshaping recreation Essay

1.What role did the industrial revolution play in reshaping recreation and sports - Essay Example Professional sports men are earning their living from participating in sports. For example, football and athletics are among the highly profitable and commoditized sports. Some sporting activities are costly such as car racing. People from all over the world come together in sports either as spectators or players. It has helped in enhancing interaction between people from various cultural backgrounds. Recreation on the other hand is a practice whereby people engage in activities in which they derive pleasure. It provides an important opportunity for people to engage in activities away from the monotonous day to day engagements. People usually engage in adventurous activities such as visiting parks, mountain climbing or entertainment such as watching sports, dances and creative performances and many other activities that are refreshing. Most of these activities have also become an income source for service providers. For example, entertainment centers charge a price for using the facility, which may be a swimming pool or dance halls. Adventurous activities such as visiting parks are also paid for. Developments in sports have been continuous since the industrial revolution that had a great impact on sports and recreation. This paper is a critique of the role of that the industrial revolution played in reshaping recreation and sports. Before the industrial revolution, sports were not advanced as they are in the contemporary situation. Charles (1998) observes that people remained calm during their free time, drinking ale, dancing and other village based games and sun bathing before the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution brought to a stop the long-standing practices as people began getting involved in industrial activities that were highly demanding. Industries were developed and the calm environment and fresh air were filled with smoke and

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Graphic Novel vs Movie Essay Example for Free

Graphic Novel vs Movie Essay Books that have become sources of scholarly learning have been categorized under these titles to make the field sound more appropriate than comic book, which could be mistakenly perceived by others as something that may be childish or adolescent. Such a thing would cost the literature its’ credibility and cause people to lose sight of what is really important, the content. So why is there such a sudden sense of acknowledgment on the academic end? This type of literature has never been sophisticatedly observed up until recent times. More and more complex stories have been using this form as their outlet. Reading and comprehending the world of comics has evolved into quite the mental task that is not as basic as pictures and words. Most graphic novels/narratives (GN) are basically composed of frames and gutters, which call reader’s attention visually and spatially to the act, process, and duration of interpretation. GN use the artwork to help narrate the story. This leaves an important part of translation up to the artist. GN offer an intricately layered narrative language (the language of comics) that include the verbal, the visual, and the way the two both interact on the page. The world of GN are so complex that books have been dedicated to understanding them. Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics(1993) was used as a medium for comics. It defined comics as â€Å"a medium using words and pictures for reproduction. † This guide may have proved useful before but now the field has evolved into longer more elaborate and complex books rather than your old traditional comics. Some of the more recent GN drawing attention include Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Both of which are written by Alan Moore who is recognized as a major graphic novelist of our time. In a interview Moore once stated about GN that â€Å"Its a marketing term that I never had any sympathy with. The term comic does just as well for me. † Alan Moore is recognized as one of the famous comic writers in the history of the genre. Few writers in the field can compare to his level of success. Moore was born in North Hampton, England on November 18th, 1953. He was also raised in North Hampton and still lives there to this day. Moore considers himself an â€Å"anarchist† and you see him express this in his writings. Moore is popular for creating alternate universes of actual history. He does this by placing several of his stories in alternate histories, meaning that many details to the time period are accurate, but some event has been changed. This is seen in Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Watchmen is set in an alternate history during the presidency of Richard Nixon. The story includes other altered historical events such as the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen alters history such that England landed on the moon in 1901. These alterations of history are one of the signatures Moore is most popular for. They often have political meanings behind them and are a way for Moore to subliminally express his own personal thoughts and feelings in his stories. His popular works also include From Hell, Swampthing, and V for Vendetta. Moore is such a distinguished writer that many of his works have been targeted for adaptation into film. Comics and GN have long been major targets for films. They are often very popular and draw a large fan base of readers that are eager to see a version of their favorite comic book characters brought to life. A major popular string has been categorized as â€Å"Superhero Films†. All these films are comic book adaptations onto the big screen. Some the pioneers of this type of film were the Adventures of Captain Marvel(1941), Batman (1943),Captain America(1948) and Superman (1948). This was just the first generation of comic adapted films. The trend would continue through the years. The decade where these films would pick up and become most popular in would be the 2000s. The list of adapted comics and GNs were endless. X-men(2000),Spider-Man(2002), Daredevil(2003),The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen(2003),Hulk(2003), Catwoman(2004), Hellboy (2004),Ghost Rider ( 2007),Iron Man (2008) and Watchmen(2009). Sequels to many of these would also come out after a successful first film. The decade of 2000 was a major generation for comic adaptation. Several of these were graphic novels. The biggest box office hits were the traditional Superhero films such as The Dark Night which brought in $533. 3 million dollars followed by the wall crawler in Spider-man which brought in $403 million. The films actually based off books categorized as graphic novels didn’t do so bad as well. Frank Miller’s 300 made number 10 on the list of the top 50 comic book movies in history by bringing in $210. 6 million. The very same director, Zack Snyder, whom directed 300 also directed Watchmen. In his second major adaptation of a graphic novel Snyder didn’t due to shabby, Watchmen brought in $107. 5 million and was considered to be a pretty true representation of the graphic novel (it’s was the original source). Other graphic novels that made it into the top 50 include Sin City, Hellboy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta. The latter two were both original works of Alan Moore. Alan Moore hasn’t exactly had the greatest history with directors, especially with the ones being paid to adapt his films. Whether the director of the film was very distinguished or even a fan of Moore’s work it did not gain him any more cooperation on Moore’s end in the adaptation to film. Zack Snyder who was both well distinguished and a fan of Moore’s mentioned in an interview about the making of Watchmen When I arrived to do the movie and I said to the producer So when do we call Alan and he said Never. He doesnt want to talk about it, Snyder said. Moore has refused to cooperate since he felt Hollywood butchered his last novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The film itself was a success and Moore was still left unsatisfied. Moore has had several conflicts with DC comics and Warner Bros. regarding the film adaptations of his novels. Moore refused to be associated with anything he did not write and told Warner Bros. to keep his name out of any of the films. During a press conference at Warner Bros. about the film adaptation of V for Vendetta producer Joel Silver said that Larry Wachowski had spoken to Moore about the film and that Moore was very interested in what he had to say. This was it for Moore and he asked that his name not be included with anything done in Hollywood. The film version of V for Vendetta opened in theatres on March 17, 2006. The film was directed by James McTeigue and its screenplay was written by the Wachowski Brothers who are well known for their work on The Matrix. Alan Moore was not credited in the movie as he wished. The film version contrasted to its original version in many ways. The film was not an exact translation of its graphic novel, but rather another version of the story with the same type of concept. Alan Moore’s GN was written as a political response to British Thacherism and set a conflict between a fascist state and anarchism. The screenplay written by the Wachowski Brothers kept the theme of the film as a political expression that also involved anarchy but chose to incorporate more current political issues in the film. The film involved many of the same characters and plots from the graphic novel. The actress cast in the role of Evey Hammond was Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving was chosen to play V. The graphic novel was set in the early 1990’s while the movie chose to set itself in the near future between the years of 2028 and 2038. That alone would leave many differences in setting and technology between the GN and film. My Analysis of the film†¦To be continued..

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Emily Bradstreets Poem The Author to Her Book :: Emily Bradstreet Author Her Book Poetry Essays

Emily Bradstreet's Poem "The Author to Her Book" The Author to Her Book, by Emily Bradstreet is a poem in which Bradstreet is laments about the publishing of her writings without her permission. The purpose of the piece is for Bradstreet to express the love, pride and remorse she feels toward her new book and is displayed elegantly through the metaphor of a mother and child. Lines eleven and twelve contribute to the poem’s purpose; they show that Bradstreet is unsatisfied with her work, and desires to fix it. Unfortunately, the book has already been published, and it is too late for her â€Å"child† to attain perfection in its mother’s eyes. The first part of line eleven illustrates the pride Bradstreet takes in her work. â€Å"Yet being mine own†¦Ã¢â‚¬  is Bradstreet’s way of taking ownership of her work, regardless of how misshapen it may seem. Through this line, Bradstreet is saying that because the book is hers, she is the only one with the right and ability to fix it. This is much like when a child gets hurt; only a mother’s kiss can make a â€Å"boo-boo† feel better. There may even be a hint of Bradstreet’s book being like the child whose face only a mother can love. While Bradstreet takes ownership of her book at the beginning of line eleven, by the end of that line, and the beginning of twelve, she is criticizing her work, saying that â€Å"at length affection would thy blemishes amend...† Through this, Bradstreet makes a connection to the beginning of the line, as only her love, care and attention can make the piece beautiful. If she gives enough attention to her â€Å"child† and corrects it enough, perhaps the book would not be such a shame to her. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so ugly. By the end of the twelfth line, Bradstreet has taken pride in her work, and has also criticized it. The last bit of line twelve is where the author shows her remorse. â€Å"If so I could† is the author’s way of lamenting her inability to rearrange the parts of her ill-formed offspring. Bradstreet is saying that her â€Å"child† has already been branded, and there is nothing more she can do to make it perfect.

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Operation Management †Honda Atlas Motors Essay

COMPANY Profile Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is a joint venture of two companies the Atlas Group and Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan. This company was created in 1988. The company is currently manufacturing motorcycles and auto parts. Honda motorcycles are the largest selling motorcycles in the country with matchless reputation for impressive quality, reliability and its customer service. Atlas has the country’s largest in-house manufacturing capability at its Karachi and Sheikhupura plants. AHL management is striving to modernize company operations by adapting applicable aspects of research and theory and more specifically, Honda’s unique philosophy of hard/soft technologies to the realities of Pakistani conditions. Company management structure, systems and processes are changed according to the demands of the customer, growth and new technology. Efforts are being made to develop participation at all levels of personnel in decision-making and a substantial and effective delegation has been established at levels where applicable. Various participation programs such as ‘Ala Mayar’ Quality Circles movement, launched in 1985, are strongly encouraged to allow constructive self-expression and teamwork. Atlas Honda is playing a pioneering role in creating conditions for easy and confident use of motorcycles all over the country. A vast and growing network of over 1600 motorcycles sales service and spare parts dealers has been established. In order to back up this system, Atlas has set up Technical Training Centers in Karachi and Lahore, which provide several courses of varying duration and complexity for motorcycle mechanics and users each year. Mobile training facilities take the latest know-how, technology and maintenance of motorcycles to major rural and urban centers around the country. STRATEGIC GOALS Customers * Our customers are the reason and the source of our business. It is our joint aim with our dealers to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest level of satisfaction from use of Honda Motorcycles . Quality * To ensure that our products and services meet the set standards of excellence. Local Manufacturing * To be the industry leader in indigenization of motorcycles parts. Technology * To develop and maintain distinct business advantages through continuous induction of improved hard and soft technologies. Shareholders * To ensure health and viability of business and thus safeguarding shareholders interest by maximizing profit. Payments of regular satisfactory dividends and adding value to the shares. Employees * To enhance and continuously up-date each member’s capabilities and education and to provide an environment which encourages practical expression of the individuals potential in goal directed team efforts and compensate them attractively according to their abilities and performance. Corporate Citizens * To comply with all government laws and regulation, to maintain high standard of ethics in all operations and to act as a responsible members of the community. BUSINESS ISSUES IMPACT High Price of Products Difficult to maintain high quality production at high market demand Complexity in coordination and communication among facilities, vendors and two geographical locations i.e. Karachi and Sheikhupura plants Slow response or long lead-time from the vendors

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Abigailrs ambition for power - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 686 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Crucible Essay Did you like this example? In Arthur Millerrs play The Crucible the author uses Abigailrs ambition for power, and Mary Warrenrs struggle to obtain the power to convey how mass hysteria can affect two completely different personalities and change them if they are not careful. Abigailrs ambition for power impacts the people close to her as they feel the repercussions of her actions, while she leaves everyone in her wake. As Abigail struggles to control her power over the girls, while also trying to keep her innocent appearance, she often doesnt realize the pain that she is causing other people throughout the play. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Abigailrs ambition for power" essay for you Create order For instance, after Betty attempts to fly towards her mother she says, You drank blood, Abby! You didnt tell him that! (Miller 1.155), Abigail threatens all the girls. She is trying to protect herself and protect the power that she has over the girls with threats that are so brutal and violent that the girls have no choice but to believe her for their own safety. While Abigail also shows a lighter side to her personality during her conversation with John Proctor, she wants to keep their charade going. Like a company leader having an affair with an employee at the office, but the employee wants to keep the affair going and the boss wants to end it. Abigail is very controlling with the girls and even with Proctor, who is older than her. During her encounter with Proctor, she even says, Give me a word, John. A soft word, (1.179) she wants to control everything in her life and everyone. When it comes to her uncle, Parris, she often cowers down in fear and resents him. During the stage directions Miller uses language like, in terror, to show that when she speaks to Parris that she uses a different tone. The reader views the interactions between Abigail and Parris in a way that she is subtlety agreeing with him because of her social class in the society. She is living in a Puritan society that doesnt value or respect women, she must rely on Parris for his protection and security. Similarly, Mary Warren enjoys the power that she has gained due to her not participating in the dance, only watching it. After the court scene is underway with Mary Warren being the center of attention, she instantly takes a liking to her new importance and power. She says to John Proctor, after he forbids her from speaking in the court, I must tell you, sir, I will be gone every day now. (2.130) Then reaffirms her status in the court telling him, Four judges and the Kings deputy sat to dinner with us but an hour ago. I would have you speak civilly to me, from this out. (2.145) Mary Warren is just a servant speaking to her boss in a way that could earn her a whipping, but Proctor cannot do it, as Mary Warren could testify against his wife. Mary Warren has no idea how this newly gained power feels due to her social standing, not only being a servant but also because she is a woman. After she her attempt to rekindle her relationship with Elizabeth Proctor, Johnrs wife, by making the poppet backfires she instantly feels guilty and decides to testify against Abigail. While, she is afraid for her life she tells John Proctor, Shell kill me for sayin that! [] Abbyll charge lechery on you, Mr. Proctor, (2.429) her relationship with Elizabeth Proctor means more than hers with Abigail. Mary Warrenrs guilty conscience and awful attempt to please Elizabeth Proctor shows that she is unlike Abigail, she doesnt contain the malice to hurt someone that is so close to her. Millerrs depictions of Abigail and Mary Warren show the reader the two personalities that can be affected when mass hysteria effects such a small town. There is the psychopath, Abigail, that can be swept up in the conflicts and use it for their own personal gain, or there is the compassionate and immature person, Mary Warren, who can get caught up in a bad decision, but still prove that she is still a good pe rson in the end.